Guay Wine Chiller Stick and Aerating Pourer

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  • CHILLING FUNCTION: Ultra-fast in-bottle chilling system enables wine to be chilled in about 10-15 minutes which is faster than in the fridge cooling. Experience cold wine without watering it down letting you enjoy its full flavor for up to 2 hours. A must for white wine, sparkling wine, port wine, rose wine, ice wine and could also be used for red wine. Use it for a romantic dinner or for all parties, tailgating, pool, beach, camping, BBQs, events, parties, meetings, home, bar and more!
  • AERATOR FUNCTION: Expertly designed large aerating chamber and air intake system to infuse optimal amounts of oxygen. This allows the release of scent from the wine thus enhancing its flavor. With this process it removes bitterness and bad aftertaste which ultimately brings the full character of the wine. A requisite for most types of wines.
  • POURER FUNCTION: Ergonomic design drip-free pourer for slow non-spillage ensuring that your table is clean without a mess. The advance air tight bottle rubber stopper is built to last for a leak proof worry free experience. 100% Drip-Free so you won’t have an embarrassing dinner date
  • ELEGANT and SAFE: Add a touch of sophistication and get rid of those ugly wine cooler sleeves and buckets. Made of high grade stainless steel 304 frame designed for food safety that does not corrode or deteriorate. Elegantly designed with smooth finish that is durable and will last a long time. Easy to wash and clean. COMPLETELY SAFE as it is BPA FREE and FDA APPROVED.
  • EXCELLENT GIFT: Comes in a beautiful box and packaged well for the best gift to all wine lovers and enthusiasts. This affordable product will surely be loved by all wine drinkers. Highly recommended for the best wine experience and a must have in your home. Give it as a present for, birthdays, Christmas, weddings and in all occasions.