Guay Flat Mop Sweeper Cleaning Kit with Wet and Dry Mop Pad Refills

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  • PROFESSIONAL CLEANING: Clean fast and efficiently like a pro with the Guay Clean Flat Floor Mop. It's the perfect choice for cleaning home, apartment, dorm, and office. This versatile mop features a flat mop frame designed with 180° degrees rotation for easy maneuvering, the lightweight adjustable handle which extends your reach on high corners and deep under furniture when cleaning, and a set disposable non-woven fabric pads effective for dry and wet floor cleaning.
  • SMART DESIGNED MOP HEAD: Designed with a 180° degrees rotating mop frame, this allows you to pivot into corners and mop around and under the furniture with ease. The mop frame consists of 4 grommet holes that hold any disposable wet and dry pads tightly.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE The flat mop comes with a lightweight, stainless steel handle that can be adjusted from 29.5 inches up to 51.2 inches in length. You can freely adjust the floor mop according to your height or depending on how and where you use it. The long handle prevents your body from bending and making it easier to mop without stressing your back and waist. You can clean comfortably just by standing upright.
  • DRY AND WET PADS INCLUDED: 10 Wet and 20 Dry Pad Refills. This versatile flat mop is both efficient for dry and wet cleaning with the help of our non-fabric woven pads. Use the dry pads to collecting dust, dirt, human and pet hair, and other larger debris for dry cleaning. Use the wet pads for a deeper clean of any flooring surface which includes but not limited to wooden floors, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile, laminate, stone and concrete floors.
  • CONVENIENT HANDS-FREE CLEANING: Sweep away dust, dirt, and particles easily and conveniently on all finished floors while keeping your hands clean! Just throw away the disposable wet/dry pads after use and attach a new one and you are good to go! When you run out of refills, we got you covered as we also have Guay Dry and Wet Pad Refills or you use any pads readily available as you like