Guay Home 4-in-1 Cleaning Kit Tool

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING KIT: Includes a 4 ft. telescopic pole with attachments for four different cleaning tools. Microfiber floor mop, Broom, 360 degrees rotatable Microfiber Duster, and a 2-in-1 Window Squeegee. It has a click system for quick and easy assembling that provides effective cleaning which is perfect in homes and offices.
  • Microfiber Flat Mop: Great for dry and wet cleaning on all floor surfaces. It is not only designed to clean floors but also for ceilings, walls, and furniture. Since it is made in microfiber it is highly absorbent which removes stains, dirt and dust particles effectively. Easy to attach and it has also a lock feature.
  • Soft Bristle Broom: Made with high-quality PP material that will not absorb water and durable which is ideal for household or office cleaning. With its soft and heavy-duty broom bristles, it can grab dust and dirt effectively.
  • 360 Degrees Rotatable Duster: Features a microfiber head that can rotate up to 360 degrees and provides dusting versatility in every angle. The head is made up of microfiber that absorbs dust and dirt effectively more than other materials. It cleans effectively in any surface and ideal for cleaning shelves, ledges, vents, and hard to reach places. The duster head can also be removed from the handle for easy hand washing. Can be used handheld or attached to a pole.
  • 2-in-1 Window Cleaner: This attachment sports a glass scrubber and squeegee; it cleans and dries windows without switching tools. The scrubber head is made of microfiber that can hold 6 times more water than an ordinary cleaning cloth. Perfect for cleaning indoors and outdoors: shower doors, mirrors, home windows, car windows and more. Its microfiber scrubber can be removed for easy washing. Can be used handheld or attached to a pole.