Guay Microfiber Self-Wringing Flat Mop

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  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING: A microfiber self- wringing mop that is perfect for wet and dry cleaning. It provides hand wash free and easy to use experience, with a microfiber pad that removes stains, dirt, and dust easily. Effective cleaning with 180 degrees rotating design, flexible for cleaning around and under furniture and floor corners more conveniently. It is not only designed for cleaning floors but also ceilings, walls, and furniture.
  • REUSABLE MICROFIBER PAD: Clean more thoroughly than a cotton mop. It is both effective for dry and wet cleaning. It is superior to cotton and is machine washable. This versatile microfiber mop safely cleans any hard flooring surface which includes but not limited to: Tiles, Vinyl, Wood, Marble, Seamless, Linoleum, Terrazzo, Conductive, Polymer, Concrete, Laminate, Cork, Bamboo, etc. Effectively cleans wet or dry dirt on your floor like stains, litter, dust, filth, grime, soil, etc.
  • HANDS-FREE WASHING: Easy to wash and dry quickly, with its self-wringing system that prevents your hands from touching the dirty mop. This revolutionary self-cleaning system makes sure that dirt from your floor will be removed. Simply rinse the mop pad by pushing and pulling the mop pole until the dirt is squeezed out from the map pod, washing and drying will be completed at the same time. You don't have to touch the mop pad.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: The mop can stand upright without leaning against the wall or you can hang the mop with the hanging hole for easy and compact storage. Keep it dry to prevent bacterial growth. This is perfect for home, kitchen, office, bathroom, and office cleaning.
  • FEATURE PACKED: The mop pad is made in microfiber that is more effective than cotton.  It also features an adjustable telescopic stainless steel handle that allow you to clean without bending. Heavy-duty which is made up of top quality materials that will last. Ergonomic grip anti-slip foam handle ensures comfort for a long cleaning session.